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Back towards the beginning of the 2006 wedding season I got
hitched. Since then I've been to half-a-dozen more weddings as a
bunch of friends (and family -- mine is huge!) tied the knot too
and let me tell you, going to all those weddings is a lot of
work! Especially when you're in some of them. But actually being
the bride or groom is harder by a longshot.

So even though we've reached the end of the 2005 wedding season,
I have a few useful tips for couples thinking about getting
married in the near (or distant) future.

1 ) Write down every task that needs to get done for the
wedding. Flowers, Favors, Reception Hall Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , everything. Be clear
about who is responsible for each task. A lack of communication
is where most problems begin, so make sure you've got that

2 ) Start working on the list right away. Don't put anything
off, because inevitably something will fall through the cracks
and you'll be running around at the last minute and freaking out.

3 ) This tip is just for couples who haven't set a date yet: Set
it as far off as you can get away with (and you're comfortable
with). This will help with getting your huge list of things done
(just don't forget Tip #2!).

4 ) Be careful with your money. You'll be spending quite a lot
of it between the reception hall, the florist, BandDJ Wholesale NFL Jerseys , etc. All
that other stuff is local, but some of the stuff you can take
care of on the web quickly, easily, and most importantly,
cheaply. My recommendation to get inexpensive bridesmaid gifts Wholesale Jerseys Cheap ,
groomsmen gifts and wedding favors is GiftsAndOtherwise
because they've got a price guarantee and a lot of nice stuff
that covers pretty much all your bases. For those who aren't
getting married just yet, add that site to your
bookmarksfavorites so you'll have it when you need it. In fact,
here's tip 4.5 -- Make a "Wedding Sites" folder in your favorites
and add anything else you find along the way.

5 ) The final, and perhaps most important piece of advice I have
for you is this: stay out of politics. I'm quite serious. The
complaints and feuds that pop up between families, and yes Wholesale Jerseys Store , even
future spouses, are inevitable. Oh, sure! Right now you're
saying to yourself that won't happen to you because your
familyrelationship is different. Let me be the first to dispel
that illusion. It'll happen to you so be prepared for it and
come up with a couple of ready-made plans to calm flaring

I can't promise that if you follow the above guidelines that
everything will be just swell and you won't have any problems,
but at the very least you will have fewer. Good luck. Smile

That's it!
Author's Resource Box

Alex is a wedding consultant for Gifts and Otherwise, an online retailer of cheap wedding favors.

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