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n based on the karma or dee
This is very different from Christianity’s reincarnation theory , which has as its center Christ’s resurrection.

According to Hindu theory, humans can be animal, man or a woman based on the karma or deeds of their present life, that is their deeds determine what kind of life they have in future births.

Past life reincarnation is preached in many Hindu scriptures and books cheap air max 2019 , one of the most popular is the narration in famous Bhrigu Sanhita which ostensibly stated births and rebirths of all the living forms of nature. But this scripture got lost over the centuries.

As far as modern-day accounts of reincarnation or rebirth, Dr. Ian Stevenson has collected some fascinating data. Today, science frowns on the concept of reincarnation as an actual reality, so no one can state with certainty that this is the most respected scientific source to be had on reincarnation as a theory. It is cheap air max 270 , however, the most well documented and famous, because Dr. Stevenson had a degree in medicine and was a psychiatrist.

Today, most past life regression therapists use hypnosis or induce trance in subjects to get them to recall past lives. However cheap air max 95 , Dr. Stevenson didn’t do any of these things. Instead, he simply talked to children who spontaneously recalled things that happened to them in their past lives.

One of the most puzzling and well-known cases involved a young boy who was six years old, and who lived in a tiny village in Punjab.

The boy claimed to have been Satnam Singh, and he claimed to have lived in a village named Chakkchela. This is of note because the young boy had never been to Chakkchela cheap air max 97 , yet could describe it with astonishing accuracy and clarity.

The family tried to discourage the boy from saying these things, but he nonetheless continued to say that his name was Satnam. He even told others what the man’s father’s name had been. Further, the boy said that he had been killed in a motorcycle accident as he was heading home from school.

An investigation was conducted into the matter and it was found that there was indeed an individual by the name of Satnam Singh and he had been killed in the precise way in which the young boy had described. Other intimate details about his family that the boy had revealed also checked out right. However, the clincher was when the handwriting of Satnam Singh was compared with that of the young boy and it turned out to be identical.

Stephenson’s collection also includes another popular account of past lives reincarnation cheap air max 90 , from a young girl named Swarnalata. This little girl was just three years old and vividly remembered her past life as a young woman she called Biya Pathak.

The little girl could describe the house that she lived in, and even took her father there one day when they were coming back from the railway station in their town. She further said that she and her father could get a better cup of tea in Biya Pathak’s house than they could on the road.

Her recollections were completely validated when she recognized the young woman’s brother, and addressed him by a pet name the young woman had called him, from a group of nine people.

Stevenson’s files contain literally dozens of these cases. He also states that it can often happen that a trauma in the last birth can take form in the next life as a birthmark.

Instances of this include a man from Thailand claiming himself as his own maternal uncle. He showed his birthmark on his head claiming that he had been killed by a knife blade to his head. Investigations revealed that his Uncle had indeed been killed that way with the wound in the same place.

Another child Stevenson talked to said that he had been a man named MahaRam. This man had been killed by close range gun fire in his chest area. And indeed cheap nike air max shoes , the child had birthmarks on his chest that very much looked like bullet wound scars.

The “father” of modern past life regression, Dr. Brian Weiss, supports the concept of rebirth as a plausible one, and so do many other prominent authorities in the field of psychology and psychiatry. Even so cheap air max shoes , science itself remains very skeptical about the concept of past life rebirth.

However it is worth telling that many people have greatly improved their present life as a result of regression therapy. For example phobias and fears have been totally cured with just one session.

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