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The Guardians raise their spears and then stand aside
Hey, (Freminnik Name). What can I do? To travel to RuneScape Gold Solar Isle, I must be approved. Why are you going to the island? Radimus Erkle asked me to put a stop to "Great Evil". Perhaps I'll give you permission to travel there. You must not damage my ships.Brundt gives you a seal that is similar to the seal for passage. Talk to Lokar and the Sailor. Thank you for your support. Day Sailor.

Many thanks (Freminnik name). What could you do to assist me in this time of security? Do you want to take me to Solar Isle? Sailor: I've been with you for quite a while I am convinced that you are brave enough to go. Just bring me 3 pieces of swamp tar, as well as a piece of fabric. Let me fix the ship.

The Sailor is seen disappearing onto the plank that connects the dock and the ship. Are you ready to leave? Absoloutly! Let's sail! The Ship arrives at Solar Isle. All is well! How did you get to Solar Isle? I would like to be a part of your tribe. To join our clan requires more than just a positive attitude. Speak to Cheif Savarain. He lives in the wooden hut that is constructed of golden pine straight north of here.

Take the mountain path to the hut. Outlander is your name! I'm (Freminnik Name), of Relleka! These questions will assist you to understand why you aren't allowed to speak in this hut. Well you seem to have answered that correctly. You could be an outlander.

The Guardians raise their spears and then stand aside. Guards who is this outsider? This is (Freminnik No), from Relleka. The council questioned him and gave him permission to enter the hut. The story is not true. Outlander take on the fight for your rights! Based on Buy OSRS Fire Cape your level of combat and skill, the Two Solar Guards can be upgraded to Level 90-95 Solar Guards.
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